Incorporated in December 2010, ThermaPrime Drilling Corporation (ThermaPrime) is a Philippine-based drilling company engaged in geothermal well drilling services. 

Staffed by many of the same people who comprised the original PNOC-EDC drilling team, ThermaPrime boasts of  a drilling workforce composed of highly-skilled and well-trained engineers with combined average experience of more than 30 years.

Our crew has drilled most of the exploration, development, and maintenance and replacement wells in the Philippines. Having a record reaching as deep as 4,500 meters and 3,600 meters for oil & gas and geothermal, respectively, and more than 1,000 vertical and directional geothermal and oil and gas drilled and worked over, we continue to provide these much-needed services better than ever. 



A company rooted in experience, excellence, and expertise

  • 1976 PNOC – Energy Drilling Inc. (PNOC-EDI), a subsidiary of the government-owned Philippine National Oil Company (PNOC), started operations. It was designed to execute and support the country’s need for deep well drilling for oil & gas and geothermal.
  • 1976 The geothermal development mandate was transferred from the National Power Corporation (NPC) to PNOC – Energy Development Corporation (PNOC-EDC).
  • 1983 PNOC-EDC absorbed PNOC-EDI and became PNOC-EDC – Energy Drilling Division (PNOC-EDD).  All drilling personnel as well as 11 deep drilling rigs were included in the transfer
  • 2007 After previous partial auctions, the Lopez Group-led Red Vulcan Holdings Corporation acquired the remaining 60% of PNOC-EDC.
  • 2011 ThermaPrime Well Services, Inc. (TPWSI) was organized as an independent drilling contractor. Many skilled and experienced members of the Drilling and Well Engineering personnel of PNOC-EDC became part of this new business. 
  • 2015 TPWSI was renamed ThermaPrime Drilling Corporation (ThermaPrime). ThermaPrime is exploring opportunities to expand its operations in the Philippines and abroad.

Serving the drilling requirements  of EDC in the Philippines

Subcontractor of EDC for Lihir Gold Limited’s project  in PNG (2011-2012)